As a follow up to my initial findings on the new Fuji 50mm f2, I took it to the studio to see how it performed. Once again, I’ll give the game away early on; I love it!

My ‘go to’ portrait lens is the fantastic 56mm f1.2 and I have no need of anything different but I was interested to see how well the 50 performed at f8. The very slightly shorter focal length would make little difference but would perhaps help with my tendency to ‘get in too close’ with some of my portrait work.

Fuji XPro2, 50mm f2, ISO 200, 1/125 @ f8

The studio is a local one, where I join in with camera club and special events. It’s about the most easy going and friendly club I’ve ever been part of and is an excellent place to share ideas and try out some lighting set ups. They always book superb models too.

So, cut to the chase – how was the lens? Well, it performed as well as I anticipated in optical terms; once again, the AF was snappy and accurate, the resulting pictures are all sharp and punchy. One important aspect of the lens is, due to the size it’s just a joy to use. Don’t get me wrong, the 56 is no great hassle! One of the aspects of the Fuji X system that really appeals is the size – not just the weight-saving – the ability to remain somewhat discreet at a wedding for an example. In a studio or personal shoot situation, I’ve found the X system to be less intimidating than a much larger DSLR combo. I find it ‘gets in the way’ less and helps that photographer / model relationship. In this respect, the diminutive 50 totally rocks!

Fuji XPro2, 50mm f2, ISO 200, 1/125 @ f8

As ever, the images are the evidence. All bar the last three of the following images were shot with the 50 and its place in the kitbag is (if it wasn’t already) an absolute certainty. The images are all processed using Lightroom and the excellent AlienSkin Exposure X. The model is Annemarie @anmeatrocious and the studio is Studio Visage @studiovisagefolkestone