Let’s start at the end.

You’ll want a set of images where the emotion, excitement and enjoyment of your day shine through. Your images should bring back sights, smells and feelings – lasting reminders for you to treasure. You’ll not want to be pestered, fussed over and cajoled – not by your photographer, at any rate!

So, how do I fit in? My job is simple – to observe and capture the moments as they happen. I really enjoy being a part of what’s going on but not interfering with it. I like to shoot what’s happening around me, rather than as an outsider looking in; the skill is in reflecting those moments and capturing them as naturally as possible.

Oh, and I like to have fun too – perhaps that should have been first? I’m really serious about that.

As for any formal shots – I’ll start by saying I try to make the formal as informal as possible. Holding a smile, making minute corrections to a stance, adjustments to a composition – they are all great ways of capturing images that looked staged and sterile. I will organise some groups shots if you want them and I certainly will work with you as a couple to capture some really special images – but I’ll do it all with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

In my ‘About Me’, I talk about shooting a wedding as being a privilege and I mean it. Nothing matters more to you than the trust you place in your photographer to do a great job. And it’s a job I take very seriously – you just might not be able to tell.

Well, what can I say... Alec made our wedding day amazing! Everyone at our wedding felt at ease around him and he was wonderfully skilled.

Our photos were everything we could have hoped for and more!
— Rachel