About Me

I share my life with the special people around me – my wife, daughter, stepson, dogs, a cat, and a pony. We are lucky enough to live in a little cottage tucked away in a quiet part of the Kent countryside, between the market town of Faversham and the city of Canterbury. We’re enormously busy but have lots of fun.

I’ve always had a passion for taking photographs; from an early age, with my dad’s old film SLR, snapping holiday moments and burning through the black and white film to nowadays, filling up memory cards, I have a love of all things visual and a desire to capture it all – well, as much as I can. So, it was destiny – I would, of course, become a photographer…….well, not quite.

Having studied art to degree level, I went into education and taught in a primary school. One thing led to another and I found myself leading as a headteacher. Photography never left me throughout this time and, when I decided that I would rather be having a direct involvement in teaching, I left the leaders’ office and rejoined the classroom, it was photography that – at last – started to become a major factor in my new career choices.

Having got so much pleasure from creating images of my own, I started to do little favours for friends, photographing them, their families and their lives - I loved it!

I was excited to be back in the classroom, too; life was becoming rebalanced. I started taking on more and more photography and, once again, one thing led to another and here I am, shooting weddings, parties, engagements and couples. - And I love it!

It’s a big responsibility, photographing a couple’s big day – but I’m used to responsibility. It’s a challenge to shoot images that capture the moments, the atmosphere and the emotions of an event but I am used to that too – the secret is to never forget what a privilege it is.

I’ve been so lucky to share in the most special of moments and I’m already excited about sharing in so many more. Maybe even yours…..

Not only is Alec the nicest man you could meet who instantly puts you at ease, he takes the most amazing photographs whether you’re a bride & groom, horse & rider, individual, toddler, family group or bumblebee.
— Pippa